Monday, 4 April 2011

Twittering & Tweetering on our Day off..

We have joined the world of Tw*tter...    follow us on   @yewtreeinn     :) I promise not to be boring, and to retweet as much cool stuff as I can!

Our kitchen is busy being smashed to pieces to fit in a new dishwasher - yeehaa! No more washing millions of dishes whilst cursing new dishwasher sat in garage doing bugger all.

The garden is well on its way to looking very 'spring-i-fied', pics to follow verrrry soon!

Off to drag Dave out from under the rubble to see if he wants to find a good ol' pub for lunch.

Happy Monday Everybody,
The Yew Tree

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Top 'o the Mornin' to ya!

We are geared up for St Paddy's Day here at The Yew Tree!

After ordering a bunch of very GREEN, gawdy hats & decorations online, we have dressed ourselves up, ready to 'celebrate in style' (it'll be worth coming in for a drink, just for the 'craic')

Join us for yummy Irish Stew & a Pint 'o Guinness... Drinks Promo's all night on Guinness, Jameson's, Baby Guinness, and of course our very English Ringwood Ale :)

First person to say the following Gaelic St Paddy's Greeting CORRECTLY to one of our bar staff, wins a delicious Sunday lunch for 2!  Start Practising.... : " Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! "

To keep our spirits up, we are also showing the Rugby LIVE on Saturday. Ireland v. England. Kick-off 5pm.

See you on later... and on Saturday for the Rugby!

Kerry :)
The Yew Tree

Thursday, 10 March 2011

5 things that WILL happen to you when you take on a pub...

1)   You will CRAVE sleep. You will sleep standing up pushing your trolley around the Cash n Carry.  You will nip upstairs and sleep on your desk inbetween pulling pints.  You will even fall asleep mid-sentence while talking in a room full of people (thanks Dad) You will talk about sleep A LOT and become totally paranoid when setting your alarm clock for the next day. Only 5 hrs 15 minutes??? What?? I have to be up in a minute!! - Learn to take the breaks when they are there... Forget the washing - Go Sleep!

2)   You will learn to listen to Bullsh*t over the bar, and know exactly when to nod and smile, whilst in a land far away.. thinking what you're going to make for dinner, and how you are going to get your accounts in on time. - Remember to Nod & Smile in the right places... these are your precious customers!

3)  You will drive yourself crazy fretting over your accounts and will find yourself swimming in a sea of paperwork quicker than you can say 'Pint of Bitter please'  - Get a System... FAST!

4) You will eat out at other pubs, and take sneaky photographs on your Blackberry of their Menu... just to 'check' you're doing things right.  During the same meal, you will also keep a close eye on the landlord and say things like .. "He's stressing... quick look look!  He's Stressing! Thats what we must look like all the time.. "  ..... ENJOY your days off!

It is COMPULSORY to enjoy cocktails on your day off.. 

5) You will come to know and love your locals... sometimes itching to open the doors just to hear the latest 'Word on the Street' or to hear their latest Love Saga's .......... LOVE your Locals!

Keep Smiling!
The Yew Tree

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The (New) Yew Tree...

Welcome to our pub, The Yew Tree.  After much TLC, blood, sweat, laughter & tears, The Yew Tree on Boreham Road, Warminster has been transformed back into the lovely community, family-friendly pub it once used to be.

Our aim is to provide you with a friendly, community pub, with Great Beer, Great Food & a Great Atmosphere.  Dave & I have an extensive background in both the restaurant & tourism industry both here in the UK & abroad, having run another pub & restaurant as well as a tour company. Our vision is always to see things from the customers side, and we have created a warm, cosy pub which we would love to visit anyday!

Join us for a delicous meal !
The kitchen has now re-opened and we have a fantastic chef on our team, Aimee Blezard, who will keep the hunger pangs at bay by cooking up the freshest ingredients and turning them into delicious meals.  All of our suppliers are local - we even run off to buy the cheese ourselves at the local farm shop to ensure that every single ingredient is of top quality and taste. Aimee has been brought up in both Bath & France, and introduces French Style cooking into some of her dishes (her fish dishes are to die for!!) She has also mastered the House Special dish - 'Bobotie' which is the National dish of South Africa... a mild fruity curry, best served with yellow rice & chutney..yum!

We pride ourselves on excellent quality beer, and Dave looks after cellar very well.  We are delighted that some of the CAMRA members are now drinking here on a regular basis as they have commended us on our Ringwood Best Bitter being a 'Very Good Pint!' A 2nd & 3rd ale will be introduced before the summer arrives.

Have a drink & a chat in our comfy snug ...

Speaking about summer...... did we mention we have a Beautiful Beer Garden?! Next project for April is to equip the garden with picnic benches, umbrella's, a kiddies play area, and I even heard whispers from the kitchen about a herb & veggie patch being planted! You can't get fresher ingredients than that!

Our fortnightly Farmer's Market starts in April too... traders... please get in touch for more info.

Warm Cosy Restaurant with Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee on offer too!
But for now, please come in and see the Changes... There is so much on offer here for everyone, from delicious Sunday Roasts to Fish Fridays & Free meals for kids every Friday night. We would love to welcome you to The (New) Yew Tree, so much so that we have even put a promotion on our Ringwood for you, just £2 a pint for the month of March : )

Keep checking back here on the blog for updates and more pics, why not add us to your RSS feed?

See you soon at The (New) Yew Tree!

 Kerry & Dave